Try Tony Roma Ribs for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

If you love the great taste of Tony Roma’s ribs, why limit them to dinnertime? Here are some creative ideas that will bring the flavor of delicious pre-cooked ribs to any meal. 

If you love barbecue ribs, why limit them to dinnertime? Add Tony Roma’s pre-cooked ribs to favorite recipes to bring their delicious flavor to any meal.


Are you tired of the same old breakfast foods? Are you looking for something that’s fast and easy? Put a little zing in your breakfast in no time at all with Tony Roma’s precooked ribs!

Turn an old classic into a new favorite by using pre-cooked ribs in breakfast hash. Cut a few red potatoes into cubes, dice some onions and a bell pepper, and add leftover meat from your barbecue rib dinner. Fry it all up in a little vegetable oil and watch as the fantastic smells from your kitchen bring your family to the table without being called!

Tony Roma’s precooked ribs can also help you put a fun Southern twist on traditional Eggs Benedict. Just top a slice of cornbread with a fried egg and the freshly prepared meat from a package of pre-cooked ribs. Garnish with a few sliced green onions for an easy new breakfast dish. 


Tony Roma’s precooked ribs make a great pork rib sandwich. Top the meat with sliced sweet onions and dill pickles for a taste of Texas or with coleslaw for a bit of Carolina flair! Try changing it up a tad with different breads, such as onion rolls or jalapeno bread.

Soft tacos are always a quick and easy lunch. Fill your choice of either corn or flour tortillas with the meat from Tony Roma’s precooked ribs and some shredded cheese. Top it off with pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream for a tasty lunch treat. 


You can always heat and serve Tony Roma’s precooked ribs with a few easy side dishes, but why not try something new? The meat from precooked ribs makes an excellent topping for a barbecue pizza. Just use your favorite barbeque sauce in place of the traditional marinara and add the meat and shredded Monterey Jack cheese. You can also add your choice of diced onions, sweet corn, cilantro or jalapenos, if desired. Using a store bought pizza crust will save even more time!

Go to your local grocery store and bring home the world-famous flavor of Tony Roma’s Pre-Cooked Ribs. Find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and check out our Pinterest page for more information.

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