Why Our Pre-Cooked Ribs Are So Good

Tony Roma, the pioneer of the baby back rib, found a way to bring that delicious, fresh-off-the-barbecue taste to your kitchen with their pork ribs, oven-ready for your family’s dinner.

In today’s hectic world, precooked ribs are the perfect way to enjoy delicious barbecue at home without the extensive prep time.  Tony Roma, the pioneer of the baby back rib, found a way to bring that delicious, fresh-off-the-barbecue taste to your kitchen with their pork ribs, oven-ready for your family’s dinner.

Quick and Easy

Tony Roma’s precooked ribs are the easiest way to enjoy barbecue at home.  Simple remove them from the package, place them in a pan, meat side down, spread the sauce, and put the pan in the oven broil for ten minutes.  Remove them from the oven and turn them, apply more sauce and heat for an additional six minutes.  In less than 20 minutes, you’ll have delicious pork ribs with the signature Tony Roma taste.  You can even grill the pre-cooked ribs, meat side up on medium for seven minutes, turning, brushing on more sauce and heating for about four minutes.  Even better, try pork ribs oven baked by placing them in a pan, covering them with sauce and heat for 20 to 25 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  Add some baked beans and cornbread and you have the perfect barbecue meal in the comfort of your home.

Distinctive Tony Roma Taste

Precooked ribs from Tony Roma’s not only are easy to prepare, they’ll also taste as good as those served at any Tony Roma’s restaurant. That’s right… Tony Roma’s precooked ribs purchased at the supermarket have the same great taste that Tony’s ribs had when he opened his first restaurant in 1972.

Fresh Ingredients

The main reason that Tony Roma’s precooked ribs have the same great taste as those you get in his restaurant is that they are made with the same fresh ingredients.  The ribs are seasoned to perfection and cooked slowly before being packaged and shipped to your local supermarket, sealing those flavors until you open them and release those savory, delicious tastes into your kitchen and onto our dinner table.

Try some yourself!  Visit your local grocery store and buy your first package of Tony Roma’s precooked ribs!

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11 Responses to Why Our Pre-Cooked Ribs Are So Good

  1. Karen Ham says:

    I bought some of your ribs at Fred Meyer store in Burien, Washington. I swear, they were mostly bone. Very little meat. At $14.99 for the whole package, it was a rip-off.

    • rhowe says:


      We are sorry you had an unfavorable experience with our ribs. We will reach out to you via email and do our best to make it right!

      Rob, Tony Roma’s Blog Customer Service Team

  2. Donna says:

    We have been long time fans of your ribs, but recently we’ve noticed that the meat is no longer tender and fall-off-the-bone after coming out of the oven. In fact, it’s a little difficult to get the meat off the bones now. So disappointing since we’ve always enjoyed them…. we buy ours at Costco. Did you change your cooking process?

  3. Ken Maughan says:

    Rupari foods
    South Holland IL

    Tony Roma’s heat and serve meats,

    I recently purchased two packages of your Tony Roma’s heat and serve packaged meats from our local Safeway store for a meal on a busy hectic evening in hopes of helping my wife out with dinner.

    What a joke that became!!

    I am waiting to advise you that my family and I were disturbingly disappointed in the quality of you products. We purchased both a package of pork ribs, and a package of pulled pork.

    We found the product to be a substandard product. The products we purchased were consistent of low quality meat, full of fat, grease, and the BBQ sauce was tart thin and inferior to similar products we have purchased from your competitors.

    As a born and raised Montanan and having a family raised on good local beef and pork and expecting that a pre-made product to be inferior anyway. I was particularly disturbed that two teenage boys, hungry coming home from football practice would not eat your product. These are not picky boys they eat me out of house and home!!

    In conclusion My family friends and any others interested in my opinions will watch closely when purchasing products in the future in an effort to not purchase you company’s products in the future especially at the price of $9.00 a package.

    Feel sure I will pass my opinions on.

    • rhowe says:


      We are very disappointed that you and your family were unsatisfied with the quality of our product. Let me assure you that we appreciate you, your business, and your opinion! Would you mind sending me your contact information so that we can do whatever is in our power to make it right? We would love another chance to try to restore your faith in our product.


      Rob, TRR social media manager

  4. Norma Lake says:

    Please let me know where I may purchase your ore packaged ribs. I used to get home delivery through hsn, they no longer carry your product.

  5. Joanna Bell says:

    I bought a package of Tony Roma ribs for my husband’s birthday dinner. The package says it will serve 7. Upon opening the package and warming, it was lucky to serve 3 and we are not big eaters. The meat was very fatty and quite a disappointment. I would not recommend these and felt it was $10 wasted. When think of Tony Roma, I think of quality. Not so any more. I will go back to purchasing regular ribs and marinating myself.

    • rhowe says:


      We’re sorry you had an unfavorable experience with our product. We would love the opportunity to try to win back your business. Would you mind sending your contact information via Facebook or Twitter so we can make it right?

      Your satisfaction is our priority,

      Rob, TRR Social Media Manager

  6. Mona says:

    When it comes to BBQ ribs, Tony Roma’s has always been the first name brand that comes to mind. I grew up eating these ribs at a local Tony Roma’s restaurant and have never had a bad experience at any Tony Roma’s restaurant, they have always served succulent, delicious, meaty ribs, so naturally when I found them in the grocery store I immediately began to salivate, remembering that taste from the past and decided to buy 6 packages for a party I was throwing. BIG MISTAKE AND COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY! I have never been so let down over a grocer’s product in my life! It was like buying and expecting filet mignon but being served a hamburger. Total disappointment! They were so fatty and had so little meat on them that I was actually too embarrassed to serve them and ended up ordering pizzas to replace them so my guests could have something to eat. I could not knowingly serve them something so sub-par. I wasted $54 of my hard earned money on what I thought was going to be a crowd pleaser and ended up looking like a fool after bragging to my friends about how good they were, only to have to make an excuse as to why I didn’t serve what I had raved so much about. The part that really gets me is several of my family members and friends have purchased the same ribs from the grocery store and said they had a great product, unfortunately, I must have just purchased a bad batch because that was not my experience. I doubt I will ever buy them again after wasting $54 on them. If it is in fact a matter of just being a bad batch, then the quality control standards at the factory where they are made and packaged certainly needs to be addressed. It is too bad because we eat ribs several times a month, it is my husband’s favorite food, and it would have been nice to have a product that didn’t require so much time and effort.

    • rhowe says:


      We are so sorry to hear that you had a poor experience with our product. We want to let you know that your satisfaction is our highest priority. We would love an opportunity to make it right, can you send me your contact information in an email? Email me at rhowe(at)splashmedia(dot)com and I will make sure some Tony Roma Coupons are sent your way immediately.

      Thanks so much for being a loyal Tony Roma’s Customer,

      Rob, Tony Roma Social Media Manager

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