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Pre-cooked ribs are the perfect way to address that sport and food connection. Grab some Tony Roma™ ribs for the next big game.

There has been a connection between food and sports for centuries, and with pre-cooked ribs, it is even easier to address those big-game food needs.  For the next big game, cook some barbecue at home and bring it to the stadium to feed those hungry fans.  Pre-cooked ribs, in fact, are an excellent choice for your next tailgate party.

Pre-Cooked Ribs Tailgating Tips

Nothing is better than gathering in the parking lot before the big game amid the tantalizing aromas of barbecue, beans and beer. Pre-cooked ribs can make your next tailgate event a breeze as you heat pork ribs oven-style at home first, eliminating the need to lug that big charcoal grill to the stadium.  Simply cook the ribs in the oven, wrap them in several layers of foil, and place them in a Styrofoam cooler. You can even purchase hot bags that will keep food items warm until it’s time to serve them.  Add some potato salad and coleslaw to complete your tailgate lineup.

Tailgating Gear

Gone are the days when tailgating meant rolling into the stadium, throwing down the pickup’s tailgate, and putting out your grub for everyone to share.  Today, tailgating means gadgets and gourmet foods to make you the envy of everyone around.  Opening the foil on those pre-cooked ribs so the aroma wafts across your neighbors is one bonus, but you need some cool stuff to go with those ribs.  Be sure to wear your team apron to keep your clothes clean and, of course, don’t forget those wonderful gadgets. There’s plenty to choose from, including remote control coolers, hot dog branding irons, and even keg-shaped barbecue grills to heat those pre-cooked ribs.

Game Day Barbecue at Home

If you cannot make it to the big game, throw a barbecue at home and cheer your team on to victory. Just like the traditional tailgate party, choose foods that are good for grazing, such as dips, wings and, of course, pre-cooked ribs. Include some potato salad and coleslaw to round out the menu, and your barbecue at home while watching the big game will be a huge success.

Make your next game day special with pork ribs, oven baked or grilled.  Tony Roma’s pre-cooked ribs can help anyone get a game day party started quickly.

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