What to Watch While You’re Eating Tony Roma’s Pre-Cooked Ribs

Of all the ways to eat pre-cooked ribs, few are more satisfying than while you’re watching a movie with friends or your family. Dinner and a movie is the perfect night in, especially if you find the right movie to suit the tastes of your crowd. Serve up some pre-cooked ribs, turn on one of these favorites, and a good time is guaranteed!

  • If you’re hosting a ladies’ night, Fried Green Tomatoes [DD1] is the perfect choice. A story of female relationships, this flick chronicles two friendships, one between a middle-aged woman in the 1980s and the older lady who helps her sort out her life, and the other between two young women who pull together during the Depression. It’s funny and touching, with stellar performances from Kathy Bates, Mary Stuart Masterson[DD2] , Jessica Tandy, and Mary-Louise Parker[DD3] . Make sure to have the tissues handy, as well as napkins, because you may find yourself wiping away a tear while you’re also wiping off delicious sauce from your pre-cooked ribs.
  • No Reservations is a great Date Night movie, if you like your romance with a little extra sweetness. Starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Aaron Eckhart, and Abigail Breslin, this film tells the story of a talented but high-strung chef who takes custody of her niece following the death of her sister. As she struggles to deal with the complications of raising a child, her life is further complicated by the arrival of a new sous chef at her restaurant, who may end up with her job as well as her heart. This film is all about breaking down emotional walls, and has an uplifting message and ending.
  • Ratatouille is a favorite for adults and children alike! The funny, charming tale of a rat who dreams of being a Parisian chef, this film is witty enough to appeal to the grown-ups but with enough slapstick to please the kids. You might get hungry while watching Ratatouille’s adventures in the kitchen of a restaurant in Paris, so make sure you have plenty of pre-cooked ribs to satisfy every appetite in the room.

Whether you’re watching a movie, throwing a party, or having a quiet dinner with the family, pre-cooked ribs from Tony Roma’s make it easy to please a crowd. Since Tony Roma opened his first restaurant more than forty years ago, his barbecued ribs have been a favorite; now you can make these delicious ribs in the comfort and convenience of your own home. For more barbecue and lifestyle tips, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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